Cassie & Dan

Los Gatos DJ, owners
"Making people happy, makes us happy."

The Los Gatos DJ Company is a family owned event company located in beautiful Los Gatos, California. 

Los Gatos DJ owners, Cassie and Dan Dresti, created their business in 2002 when they met and fell in love.  Finding they share a passion for music, family and entertaining, they combined talents and created a company based on their mutual desire to provide the best music and customer service possible. 

The Los Gatos DJ Company has proudly established an exceptional reputation in the San Francisco Bay Area.


"Referrals are the heart of our business."

Get to Know "Cass & Dan"

Cassie and Dan LOVE music. 
They are avid concert-goers.
Cassie enjoys being organized.
Dan enjoys writing music.
They both love popcorn and a movie.
Cassie and Dan are not only happily married, but they are also the best of friends and business partners.
They have been DJing events together for nearly 16 happy years.  :-)

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"What we play is life."  - Louis Armstrong


Get to know our DJs!

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